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Art sheng grain = To build brand speed + The depth of marketing + Precise transmission!Tianjin art sheng wo advertising media co., LTD——The most competitive integrated marketing agency in tianjin,Focusing on the most potential outdoor advertising market in tianjin,To create depth of brand marketing platform as the core goal,Formed to build brand speed、The depth of marketing、Accurate transmission of the three core abilities of integrated marketing service system。Yi sheng grain media cover outdoor advertising media:Tianjin high-speed AD、Building community、Road signs advertising、Bus ads、The subway ads、The city business circleLED、High-quality airport highway billboards, outdoor media resources。Especially in the media on the purchase price,Yi sheng grain to do it for the customer“Worry,More money”,At below market price advantage,Higher than the market value of the benefit for the customer。Yi sheng grain media——The savings to the customer,Do friends forever。 To view more>>
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